February 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

February 5, 2011


I even fell asleep at 9pm. Based on my way of living, 9pm is early. Waaaaaay to early. 😐

My day started when I woke up at 5:30am just in time to prepare and drop by at Den’s house to borrow her blazer for the 5th Global Business Conference at the Philippine Training Center. The call time for the conference was 7:30am for the registration (but of course no one really goes that early, except for the ushers and usherettes).

8am-12nn: 5th Global Business Confrerence

Praised Jacob for his nice shoes! Good job 😉

I love fashion like I love sleep – which is like wholeheartedly and so you’ll never guess how delighted I was to see Jacob’s shoes that time. Ha ha ha.

*Didn’t get to take photos during the conference because I was so sleepy then.

We didn’t have to ride a bus nor a cab to go to school after the conference. Thanks to Rich, her driver, and her van that managed to squeeze all of us inside.

1pm-5pm: Persef 2 Career Workshop

Josh, Jella, Frances, Tin, Rich, Mac, Jedd, Zoren and I were really knocked out by the time the workshop started due to lack of sleep. Some of us only got a total amount of 2 hours of sleep. Good thing we still looked like humans not zombies.

Jella & Josh


Rich, Mac & Tin


Once we felt a bit energized, Mac & I spent our time doodling on Zo’s hands. 🙂

*Didn’t get to take much photos again because my N82 simply couldn’t compare to Rich’s DSLR 😦

Tiring but happy day with friends! 🙂


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