February 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

I love new things whether they are school supplies, clothes, bags or shoes! I just love love love new things! 🙂

As I went home from school last Thursday, February 3, 2011, I checked out this new store in the mall, ACCESSORIZE. I was so happy when I found out selected items were on sale! 70% to be exact. I’ve always wanted to buy things from that store but found the prices too expensive. I didn’t let go of the opportunity I had and so I bought 2 things – a bag that could handle my file case (since I use my sister’s and mom’s bags to school for their bags are the only ones that could fit my school supplies esp. my file case) and 5 sets of earrings! Imagine my happiness!


Oh how I love Accessorize!

And the day after that, February 4, my parents and I went to the mall to open my 2nd ATM account. My first one was closed already because the balance was shorter than the balance that needed to be maintained. OOPS. Not only did I get my ATM card, I also got my mom to purchase me an SM Advantage card! Yipeee

BPI ATM Card & SM Advantage Card!

We also stopped by National Bookstore to buy a pen & it’s refill and a yellow pad paper for school. She also bought me this cool powder from JAMES COOPER wherein you have to shake it so that the powder comes out of the brush! Coolest thing ever!

My James Cooper powder. Sorry it's blurry!


Everyone who follows me on Tumblr knows how much I love oxfords. I keep reblogging pictures of it!

*Photos from Tumblr

And here’s my own pair of oxfords from Zara:

I’d still save up til I get a lot of oxfords! Especially the ones from THE RAMP 🙂


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