April 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday, my parents had to attend a business meeting so they left my sisters and I in Greenbelt.

We got to Greenbelt at around 3pm because the line at the dermatologist (which where we were before) was so long. Imagine our hunger. We had lunch at Fish & Co. 🙂


Forced my sister to wear shorts for the first time! Actually I hid her pants so she had no choice but to wear this >:)

We also watched Gnomeo & Juliet. I loved the British Accent! I also loved how they twisted Shakespeare’s tragic novel. You have to watch that movie 🙂

We met up with Mom & Dad after the movie then had dinner at Chic-boy in Alabang. I know, i know. We ate a lot that day.

Since we ate NYFD (I saw Riz btw at the stand. Hi Riz!) in the car, I was feeling quite full. I ordered the one with the smallest food which I think was Breaded Porkchop. It looked like this:

But then I couldn’t stand eating more so it ended with this:

Look, Ia & Jan (if ever you’re both reading my post), there’s Little Town here in Pure Gold too! It’s near Bo’s Coffee! We could’ve saved an awful amount of time if we bought here instead of the one in Pergola 😐 HAHA!

We also did a quick grocery shopping. We found this cute non-stick pans and bought the purple one with white and orange circles.

I was surprised to see these! I never knew Moby has a chocolate drink now.

This was such a tiring yet a great way to bond with family. How’d your Tuesday go? 🙂

Pau xx


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