A Date With My Best Friend

May 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

We finally had the time to update and catch up with each other! It’s weird though that we only got together yesterday. We’re both from La Salle and we don’t have summer classes as well. It’s my fault actually. I’m having a hard time going out since we don’t have helpers and my parents are always out for work. Given that, we maximized our time together and made the best out of it! 🙂

We watched Thor! Amazing movie, I tell you! Chris Hemsworth + Nathalie Portman = SUPERB HOTNESS! Impressive effects too! We waited for Charlie (hello, new friend!) since he’s joining us for dinner but the waiting took 2 hours! Imagine our hunger! Because of that, we decided to eat fish balls and chilled in the open area 🙂

We entertained ourselves by watching these adults dance! They were so into it.  Nakakaaliw! They made me want to join the fun ha ha

My best friend, Den!

We missed Zen so much that everywhere we looked, we kept seeing her!


We had dinner at Omakase which was picked by Charlie. I must admit that their food was really great especially the California Crunch! Good job in taking us there, Charlie!

(Whoops, I forgot to take a picture of Charlie. He he.)

I also didn’t get to take pictures of the food and the restaurant itself. I was shy! People might think I’m Jeje or something. So these are googled photos! 🙂

I ordered Katsudon as usual. It’s my most favorite Japanese food ever!


California Crunch’s sauce

I was glad on how this day went. I’ve missed you so much, Den! Hang out soon w/ Zen xx

Yesterday’s outfit:

Excuse the messy hair!

(random beige vest; layered necklace from Den; bracelet from Bianca; pink swatch watch; thunder bolt necklace from Freestyle Necklaces)

Pau xx


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