May 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

I only had one class today since the other one was free cut. It’s weird waking up early and going to school on a Saturday. I hate the new class days of La Salle 😦 Just like in my other classes, I was scared that I might know no one in my class, Tredtri (a religion/theology class). Good thing Therese called me as soon as I entered the room! I felt so relieved! When the prof came in, we thought that the class would be so boring and dull. He looked unfriendly and strict. We found out later on that he knows how to smile and that he’s actually a fun guy! He made us form groups for an activity. I was grouped with Therese, Tristel and other new found friends! I swear we were the only lively people in the class. The rest were so quiet. I like how my groupmates and I suddenly clicked. They clapped before and after I reported our group’s output ha ha

I was supposed to have a date with my high school trio, den & zen, but something came up 😦 Bummer. It was raining hard as well! Double bummer. There was even a triple bummer! I spent too much money! I passed by SM on the way home (like what I ALWAYS do). I went to the National Bookstore to look for textbooks needed but I ended up buying METRO MAGAZINE (with MATT LANTER and Kim Chiu on the cover) and STARSTUDIO MAGAZINE! I also checked out Accessorize because of this pair of shades I wanted. Ta-da! I purchased it as well 😦 I am such an impulsive buyer! Must change.

sunburn on my nose


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