June 20, 2011 § Leave a comment


We brought our 2 household helpers with us. They were so funny because they kept screaming whenever we ride the escalators! We were supposed to have lunch at Yakimix but it was so jampacked! Because there were no reservations that day, people had to fall in line to get tables. We were so hungry and so we had lunch at Marina instead. We strolled around the mall and heard mass. We couldnt wait for the next mass so we ended up crashing a wedding! How embarrassing :)) We wanted to eat at Yakimix so much so we had our dinner there 🙂

One of our maids, Nene. Betty was camera shy.

So many people lining up for Yakimix

This cute curly girl reminded me of Zen!

I wish my mom and I were like them.. =))

I think I saw Kuya Kim

We were so bored while waiting for my mom’s name to be called and so we decided to play with our mom’s hair! Her curls are natural FYI.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad! We love you 🙂

Pau xx


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