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Karla, Ashley, Ia and I “slept over” in school for DLSU’s Centennial Celebration. June 15 and 16 were the most tiring days that week. Wednesday afternoon, Karla, Ashley and Ia rode in Regi’s car together with Bettina and Fern to pick up freshly baked creme puffs that would be sold for the bazaar. JEMA’s selling them 🙂 After that, Ash and I manned the booth while Karla’s in a meeting with her groupmates. We dropped by in the JEMA meeting for a few minutes then attended to our respective agendas. I went to Razon to practice the centennial dance while Ash and Karla joined JEMA in selling creme puffs.

Ia finally got to school at around 5pm then all four of us took a cab to watch Super 8! Zagu and Serenitea ♥ We left Robinsons Manila at around 9 because we got a text that those who’ll be sleeping over need to be back in school before 10 or else we can’t go inside the campus anymore! We took the LRT and went straight to the SG office WITHOUT OUR THINGS. Everyone had their showers while we were.. sweating like pigs 😦

We participated in the Vigil and sharings then guarded the RELIC of St. La Salle’s hand from 12mn to 2:45am. We had a nice 2-hour sleep at the Shalom (it was freaking cold!!!). We went to the amphitheater and saw a sea of green! So many people are ready to dance for our UNANG HIRIT TV coverage!

We danced from around 6-8am! Imagine how tired we all were. I took a shower and a bit of sleep then off to celebrate!

(Most pictures are grabbed from Denise Alcantara, Ber Garcia, Rox Perez and Abby Buban. Thanks guys!)

Rox, Me and Penny

With Den & Penny

Penny & I are such fan girls! Hello Drew & Edu Manzano (And Brother Bernie too!)


With Ia & Karla


Red Velvet Cupcake. Thanks, Jake 🙂

Kat & Gai

Ate lunch at Half-Time with the boyfriend ♥


Nicky & Karla

Kat, Karla & Ia

Thanks to Blaze2012 Batch Student Government for this opportunity! 🙂

I left school at around 5pm because I had an early class the next day. Yes, I missed out the concert and the fireworks display. I feel so bad! If only DLSU cancelled classes last Friday, I would have stayed longer that night. 😦

I am so happy to witness and be part of this very special day. ANIMO LA SALLE!

Pau xx


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