June 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

It feels so good to be stuck at home in my jammies. Crazy weather we’re having! Thank God I don’t have school every Thursdays or else I’ll be stranded in school..again (Ondoy sleepver, love it!). My prayers go to my friends and fellow schoolmates who had been stuck in school and those who are STILL there.  I hope you guys are safe!

There’s no school today because it’s Manila Day. If it wasn’t a holiday, I doubt that there will still be school. I mean, hello, look at the weather. La Salle’s still a disaster and there are students trapped since last night. I’m wishing for a suspension of classes tomorrow. My first class is free cut but I still have to attend since I have a quiz in Finance. Thinking about our school’s situation and the weather’s condition, there’s a HUGE possibility that there will be a suspension of classes. Too many suspensions = too many make up classes 😐

If ever I don’t have school tomorrow, it will be a loooong break for me! BED BUM from Thursday to Monady. I love ittt.

I saw how La Salle looked like last night. I wonder if it’s a bit better now. Here are some of the pictures I saw on the internet.

South Gate. Taken by Tin Tolentino

SJ. Outside Cybernook! Credits to @mariedanicia

Here I am freezing in my room:

Keep safe everyone xx


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