July 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

I still can’t get over Harry Potter! I don’t really read the books because I was too lazy to read thick books then. I became a fan because of the movies. However the final installment made me realize how beautiful the whole story is. If it’s so amazing in the movies, what more in the books right? I promise to read every single book when time permits!

I’ve done some reminiscing as well. I remember how I used to research on Daniel Radcliffe’s address. I would write to him and wish that he’ll answer me.

“He” did answer back! 🙂

I also wrote to Tom Felton!

I have collected other things such as magazines, stickers, poster books, diaries, pillows, you name it!


On the other hand, I can’t wait for JEMA’s Acquaintance Party in Island Cove this Saturday!! Get your tickets now at SJ Booth 9. It’s only for P400 inclusive of transpo, food & drinks!

On July 23, Saturday, have fun under the sun as you witness impressive in-house bands and dance crews! So come and put those sunglasses on as we defy the heat of the sun!



Brought to you by JEMA x


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