July 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

We went to the Philippine Stock Exchange for our Finance class. I can’t believe that the people who work there earn a minimum of P30,000 just by answering calls, noting the order and pushing buttons for hours! WOW

The only decent picture I took 😐

Sorry for the lack of pictures. I was shy to raise my camera because I think I was the only one who brought one. Heee.

We left the area at around 11am. Everyone was so sleepy so they took a nap in the fx (myself included)

My day didn’t end there. At around 1 in the afternoon, my Northern orgmates decided to take a trip to the South in Alabang Town Center and watched Harry Potter! Yes, I watched it again and loved it even more! No photos though 😦 Thank you Ashley, Karla, Fern, Val, Patrick, Regi, Jaime, Jules, Adi, Jica and Rainbow for the best spontaneous day ever! (click on the names in PINK to follow them on tumblr!)

Regi, the BOY LANDI (photo by Ashley)



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